Just living with normal rent

Yes, you have been happy to live in Utrecht and it may cost something. But it must remain reasonable. You also have other rights. More than you probably think. You don’t have to take everything for granted!

Normal rent is not expensive

Did you know that the average Utrecht student pays € 195,- too much rent per month? There are better uses for that than lining the pockets of your landlord. 

Normale Huur is designed to make you aware of what you can and should demand as a tenant. The Huurteam is there for you to take action when your rent is abnormal. You may be happy to have housing –  we understand like no other! – but if your house is falling apart from misery, if you’re paying way too much rent or if your landlord just barges in, that’s not okay. Should you move out then? No, there are other ways.

An initiative of Utrecht, for Utrecht students

Gemeente Utrecht, VIDIUS studentenunie and Huurteam Utrecht are working together to let you know what you are entitled to.

Gemeente Utrecht

The municipality wants to make Utrecht a place where everyone can live affordably and safely. That starts with you knowing your rights as a tenant. Furthermore, the municipality can call landlords to account if they break the rules. We take targeted action to track down and tackle abuse.

VIDIUS studentenunie

VIDIUS studentenunie is the advocate for everyone studying in Utrecht. There are over 65,000 students in Utrecht and a big part of them lives in the city. It is therefore logical that we are committed to this large group of students, including by raising awareness about tenancy rights.

Huurteam Utrecht

Are you renting a room in Utrecht and having problems with your accommodation, rent or landlord? Then the rent team is ready to help you. Huurteam Utrecht gives advice and helps you find a solution so you can live comfortably. If you pay too much rent or service charges, or you suffer from poor maintenance, Huurteam Utrecht will make sure you pay less.