I have a room Fire Security

Fire Security

The municipality and fire department conduct strict tests regarding fire security in student housing. If the fire security is inadequate, everyone can be evicted. Tenants and landlords need to adhere to the rules. Prevention is better than finding a new house.


  1. Never smoke in bed, this is the most common reason of residential fire.
  2. Get smoke detectors and make an agreement with roommates regarding action when they go off.
  3. Make sure everyone is informed on evacuation routes
  4. Don’t block the evacuation routes by cabinets, bikes or other large objects.
  5. If you think you smell gas, always warn the gas agency or the fire department. Be careful with fire and electricity, a tiny spark of a telephone can ignite a gas filled room and cause an explosion.
  6. Do not use spray cans next to a fire or heat source.
  7. Don’t use electricity or gas pipes as hangers.
  8. Keep cooking appliances and flammables in adequate distance.
  9. Do not use damaged or low quality appliances.
  10. Turn off the TV when not in use, not even in stand-by
  11. In case of fire: when fire department and roommates have been alarmed, close windows and doors to prevent further spread of the fire. The less oxygen, the slower it will spread.
  12. Never leave electrical appliances running unattended
  13. Beware of burning candles. Use a proper standard and ensure no flammables are in vicinity of candle.
  14. In case of a lightning storm, unplug TV’s, computers and audio hardware.