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Additional costs


Your base rent is not everything which you are required to pay for. Additional costs are in place. Read this to know what costs are your responsibility and which are not.

Service Charges

Aside from base rent, you will probably be paying additional costs for i.e. gas, hydro and electricity. Usually this is a monthly advance, based on an estimate for the entire year. The actual costs paid by the landlord are to be supplied to you and the difference needs to be paid by you or the landlord. The future monthly advance can be changed accordingly.

The law describes specifically which things can be charged as service charge. Other costs need to be specified in a special article in the contract or in a separate contract. If you think you pay too much, you can check this with the Huurteam. Should the landlord not be able to proof otherwise, you can check this with the Rental Committee. For a clear info video regarding service costs and request an overview of them, check here.

Taxes and surcharges

These taxes and surcharges are in place when living in a residence:

  • OZB (Real estate tax)
  • Sewage rights
  • Thrash tax
  • Pollution tax and inhabitant tax

The landlord needs to pay these taxes, but the three latter taxes can be charged to the tenant as a reimbursement for extra services, which are separate from the service charges. OZB is to be paid by the landlord.

In Utrecht, the taxes are charged by the collaboration of Municipality of Utrecht (BGHU). For more info, check