Know your rights Extra contract costs

Extra contract costs

Aside of the main contract, there are some additional, one-time costs, not to be forgotten.

Contract Costs

Contract or administration costs are sometimes charged for making the contract, the  viewing of the room or key production. If you disagree you can go to court. in most cases contract costs between 50-120€ will be deemed reasonable by a judge depending on what is included or deemed a task for the landlord.


Most Landlords ask for an advance which you get back when you leave the room in proper state when terminating the contract, usually amounting to 1 or 2 months. If you pay cash, ask for a receipt so you can proof the payment. Make proper agreements regarding return of the advance and do not pay if you haven’t seen the room yet. Check the document specifying the state of the room well. You will need to deliver the room in the same state as you entered the room for the first time.

In case this document is non-existent, the landlord needs to proof that the state is different in a case of conflict.


Sometimes, a landlord will only let the room if you will pay a one-time amount called key-money. This is unlawful as you don’t get anything back for this. If you paid key-money, you can get this back through legal procedures, as long as you can proof payment through a receipt or witness statements.

Reposession costs

These costs are paid to the leaving tenant for any things he may leave in the room, such as carpets, curtains, the floor or a heater. You are not obliged to take these over. Inform with the landlord if you can actually buy these things. A self-made bunk bed needs to be deconstructed in some cases.

The landlord can also ask for payment for things such as a gas stove. This will become your property and no rent needs to be paid for this afterwards.

Things which are fitted to the house are not allowed to be sold, such as a sink.

If you think these costs are too high, inform Normalehuur.