Search for a room

Search for a room

Finding a room in Utrecht can be challenging, since it is a popular town for students. With these searching tips, we hope to make things easier for you:

  • Start searching early
  • Let everyone know you are looking for a room. The fastest way to find a room is via friends, classmates, acquaintances and family !
  • Joining a fraternity can widen your network, which helps finding a room. Many fraternities own their own studenthouses.
  • There are many types of student accommodation and many parties offering these. Be aware of them and subscribe to SSH and WoningNet.
  • Arrange a place to stay with friends or family while you are looking for your own place. Being close to the fire helps meeting more people who may know someone.
  • Don’t focus solely on Utrecht, there are surrounding villages such as De Bilt or Zeist which could be viable (and cheaper) options.
  • Plan to live together with a friend? Buying an independent house could be an option.
  • Don’t be too critical and expect the house of your dreams as your first place to stay.
  • Always be critical regarding your rental agreement and your rights.

Ads on the internet

There are many websites offering housing on the internet or groups on facebook where people offer or request rooms. The downside of this is that you don’t know exactly who you are dealing with. Be careful!

Roommate selection (‘ Hospiteren’ )

In many cases, you’ll need to be selected as preferred roommate by the current inhabitants during an evening where you’l present yourself to them together with other students interested in a room.

If you managed to find a room , go through our moving checklist to confirm that you arranged everything!