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Providers of residential space

Rooms are provided by different parties. The most common ones are listed here:

Private market

About 45% of the rooms in Utrecht are rooms in a house of a private individual.


SSH is the largest provider of student housing and possesses nearly 19.000 affordable rooms and houses in the Netherlands. On the website of SSH you can find new offers every working day . Subscription is done through their site and costs 12.50€ or 22.50€ if you combine it with a Woningnet subscription to accumulate subscription time for post-academic housing. You can subscribe to SSH as soon as you are 16 years of age until 27. SSH offers rooms in campus like complexes for as little as 250€, rooms in regular down town houses or independent apartments. They also offer short stay rooms which are readily furnished.

Socius / STW

Socius transforms empty offices into rooms and studios for young adults and students. Their housing is connected to social initiatives. For more information and subscription, click here. STW (Foundation for temporary residence) is run for students, by students. They currently maintain AL16 at Archimideslaan 16. For how long is unknown.

Real estate agents / commercial providers

Most real estate agents offer  mainly houses for sale, but some agents and investment agencies also offer real estate to let, usually in a higher market segment. For an overview in the Utrecht Region, check

They usually overcharge and ask for a month worth of rent as a commission for arranging your living space. Compare the different agencies so you make sure you don’t pay more than necessary. Inform what they will do for you to arrange housing for you.


WoningNet arranges subscriptions for those who look for housing, publishes current offers by the many housing corporations and arranges the allocation to different housing corporations. At Woningnet, you can subscribe for independent housing from 18 years of age. The subscription costs are normally 25€ plus 9€ per year, so if you plan on staying in the Netherlands after studying, aconsidering the aforementioned combi-subscription with SSH-Woningnet may be wise.