Know your rights Request decrease of rent

Request decrease of rent

The Ministry of BZK sets a yearly percentage of maximum base rent increase, as of 1st of july 2019 this is 3.1%. The landlord can apply this increase once per year, as long as the room will not breach the maximum rent. The announcement of the increase should happen at least two months before it goes in to effect.

If you think you pay too much rent, meaning the base rent is above the maximum rent, you can request a decrease of rent. You will need to have the rent committee check your rent within 6 months of signing the contract. If they find that your rent is too high, you can claim the difference paid. After 6 months, there are still possibilities to claim your excess rent, but the process is far more complicated and tedious. And the claim will only be valid for the excess paid from the date you made the request, not for earlier excesses.

Should excessive rent become apparent after an increase of rent, ask your landlord and try to settle the case with them. If you can’t reach an agreement, submit a complaint to the rent comittee (Huurcommissie). Let him know within 6 weeks of the new rent coming into effect that you will submit a complaint or contact VIDIUS legal service. They can help you with processing the first step to the rent committee.

Split your all-in rent.

In some cases, you are renting for an all in price. No differentiation is done in base rent and extra costs. You don’t know your advance in service charges and your base rent, meaning you can object to this all-in price. 55% of the all in price will be your base rent and 25% will be service charges.

For more information, go to the site of the rent committee.