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Rent committee

Different organizations cater for the interests of tenants. VIDIUS student union caters for the interests of students in Utrecht. Normalehuur is an initiative of VIDIUS and you can address complaints or questions regarding housing. If necessary they will forward you to the right institution.

For legal matters, you can ask VIDIUS Legal Service for assistance. They will answer questions on legal matters for free. This can be anything from your BSA to your rent to any other legal trouble you may find yourself in.

Besides this VIDIUS is raising awareness regarding student housing in politics and media. You can address VIDIUS for questions regarding education, taxes and study financing.

VIDIUS is a member of the National student union, the LSVb, maintaining close ties with them, among other organizations such as De Nederlandse Woonbond, De Bundeling en BoKS (BewonersKoepel SSH. You can ask them your questions too regarding housing.