I have a room Rent Subsidy

Rent Subsidy

This subsidy will lower your renting fee. You can apply for this subsidy if you rent independent housing. If you rent a room, you will not have rights to this subsidy, unless you live in a space assigned by the ministry of BZK. Ask your landlord if this is the case.

Prerequisites for the renting fee are in place in order to receive this this subsidy. As a tenant between 18-22 years of age, you will be eligible for the subsidy if the ‘rekenhuur’ (basic rent + a part of the service charges is lower than 424,44€. Tenants from an age of 23-65 years of age will need to have a renting fee lower than 710,68€, with a minimum of 225,08€. Other prerequisites are based on income and capital. The application goes through the Dutch tax authority. You can download the application program on www.toeslagen.nl or order a form via their telephone line. You can make an estimate here.

Know your rights & duties as a tenant

As soon as you have signed the agreement, both parties have rights and duties:

  1. Pay your rent on time
  2. Both parties have the right to privacy and you cannot be of hindrance or disturb each other.
  3. You have rights to rental protection, even when terminating the contract.
  4. The landlord has a right of reimbursement when you damage the house or any property of the landlord.
  5. Landlord cannot enter your room without your permission.
  6. You need to be able to use any facilities which belong to your room at any moment.
  7. As a tenant you can furnish and paint your room as you please. For some changes you need permission.
  8. Upon termination of contract, you need to leave the room in the same state as you entered the room when starting the contract.
  9. You and your tenant are both responsible for maintenance of the residence
  10. The tenant pays an advance for service costs such as gas, hydro and electricity. You need to get a yearly overview and in many cases you’ll get a part of this advance back!

If you suspect you pay too much or the amount is suddenly increased, you can request decrease of the rent.