I have a room Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

If you have found a nice room, you need to get to a written agreement with your landlord. A verbal agreement (contract) is lawful but is adviced against since you can hardly proof anything, including the very existence of such agreement.

With our standard rental agreement, you are ensured of a proper contract. A contract cannot be unlawful. Any rulings which are unlawful are invalid. The rest will still be valid. The rules regarding increases in rent and maintenance requirements and ending of contract are always valid, even if it states otherwise. In some cases the landlord can deviate, if this is in your benefit.  Always thoroughly read the contract. Any questions will be answered by Normalehuur.

Read this checklist to see what needs to be included in any contract:

  • Name of landlord
  • Name of owner of the residence
  • Name of tenant
  • Description of residence (address, area in m2, which floor, front or back of the building
  • Start of contract and in case of a temporary contract: the end of the contract (Check ‘termination of temporary room’)
  • Price of rent per payment term (maximum three months, usually one month)
  • Price and description of any extra services

The contract needs to be signed by both tenant and landlord, including date and place of signing. By doing this twice, both parties can keep a copy.

Examples of contracts

  • Contract for room in a (student)house (PDF)
  • Contract for room in the house of landlord (PDF)
  • Temporary rental agreement (PDF)
  • Inventory
  • State of delivery

One-time costs for signing a contract can be in place when signing a contract. Check which costs are valid here.